27 july 2016

I have decided to put a log up so that people who revisit the site can easily see what has been updated / changed since their last visit here ...

So what has changed recently?  A lot actually ...

Two weeks ago I managed to buy a lot of Puppy Care that held one Puppy, the "bowls and mat" set for Puppy Care, the "basket with cushion" off Puppy Care and two of the last known brought out fashion outfits off Puppy Care.

The Puppy is named Lizzie and I do promise that pictures of her will show up in my Products: off topic page

The "bowls and mat" set has been uploaded already and can be seen.

The "basket with cushion" set was already up since I already own one but I added the one I bought to my Trading page so make sure to take a look there if you are still looking for a brand new basket or if you are perhaps interested in trading some other Puppy or Kitty Care with me. By the way, thanks to some new promotional images - which I wil also put up in due time, I know now also the name of the doggy that is up there for trading.  Curious?  Go check out her name then!

The Puppy Care Ballerina outfit is adorable and gorgeous.

The Puppy Care Evening Cape outfit is majastic and cool.

Further more more information about the "Soft Touch" Kitties has been brought to light so make sure to go and check out the section about this line if these kitty cats interest you.

Speaking of pictures, new pictures have been added to the Photogallery.  Enjoy the two Henry's having fun together ...

And last but not least my "Still looking for" page has been updated so do make sure to stop by there and see if you can't help me out to complete my collection more.  Thanks in advance.