Basket and Cushion from Puppy Care

The basket with cushion was brought out for the Puppy Care serie.  It exists out of a yellow plastic basket that holds on the side a print of woven reed.  A large, round, blue cushion is placed within the basket.  The fabric of the cushion is soft feeling velours.  One puppy can easily sit or lay down in the basket as it is quite large.  My basket comes from The Netherlands and I can easily fit two to three cats together in the basket.




Promo shot Puppy Care Basket and Cushion:

In package:





Monty in the basket:


Bertie enjoying the basket:


Fun Fact:

Later on the same basket was used for the "Basket Pups" from the toy line "Pound Puppies".  Whilst the basket looked completely similar, the color was changed to either blue or pink.  The cushion also was no longer the dark blue velours one, but a soft light blue or pink one now with the logo of "Pound Puppies" printed upon it.

 Promo shot "Basket Pups" from the "Pound Puppies" toy line:

      (Argos, autumn and winter issue 1989)

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