Bowls and Mat from Puppy Care

The "bowls and mat" set from Puppy Care exists out of two bowls - a yellow bowl and a blue bowl - and one placemat. 

The bowls are made of plastic and each hold a different type of food for your Puppy.  The food gets suggested by a sticker on the bottom of each bowl.

The placemat is made of simple carton.  The front holds an orange - brown pattern of exploding star - diamonds framed by a thick orange - brown line and a white boarder.  In the middle of the placemat are two white circles, each circle surrounded by a thick orange - brown line.  The bowls fit perfectly on these two white circles.  The back of the placemat is bare.

My set was bought in Belgium.

Promo shot Puppy Care Bowls and Mat:

In package:




The two Thomas' enjoying a meal together: