1) Original cats:

Bobby with green eyes


2) Sweet Dreamers:

Toby (brown with white, yellow hair and eyes that can open and close)



3) Soft Touch Kitty:

I am not sure this is how the kitty line is called (I am basing it on the name for the Puppy Care dogs with a similar soft skin Hornby brought out).  The kitties in question of this line have flocked bodies.  I don't own one myself yet (sadly enough) but another collector has two so they are out there and aren't just some myth ...  And as you can see on the pics, there are some with "sweet dreamer' eyes and those with regulag normal eyes.




  (These pictures are from the two darlings Sabine owns.  Pictures and cats aren't mine ...)


and any other cat I am still missing and don't know its existence yet off  


4) Outfits:

From Kitty Care:

- The Wedding Gown: (bottom row, third from the right or second from the left)


-The Classy Gray Suit: (bottom row, second from the right or third from the left)

From Puppy Care:

- T-shirts set with yellow T-shirt: (middle one)



5) Accesories:

From Kitty Care:

- set of bowls with mat /placemat: (in the bottom right corner, the yellow and pink bowl with the mat underneath)


- from the toys:

1) a blue mouse

2) a blue fishbone

3) a red bobbin / rattle


From Puppy Care:

- from the toys:

1) chewing bone: green, blue 


2) pipe: yellow one and if it does exist a green one


3) shoe or slipper: red, yellow and if it exists also a green one


4) sock: light purple, blue


6) Playset:

From Kitty Care:

- the Kitty Care Cabin: this version if it exists

From Puppy Care:

- the Puppy Care Parlour: this version should it exist



7) Extra note on dogs from Puppy Care:
If you have puppies to sell, you can always contact me.  Although my main focus lies on Kitty Care, I also own already some Puppy Care dogs and wouldn't mind adding more to my groupe.  I am however more fickle here as whilst I don't mind what kind of cat you have of Kitty Care, I am as far as Puppy care goes not a fan of all the dogs and there are some dogs I don't feel the need to own myself.  But you may never know?  perhaps your sweetie(s) is exactly one I do adore and would love to own.