Kitty Care Soft Touch Kitty

To be honest I do not know much about this line yet.  I also don't own one myself.  The only two kitties with a flocked body I have seen so far belong to another collector named Sabine.  She owns an adorable and soft gray one with plain eyes and a white flocked one with gorgeous green "sleeping" eyes.  It is safe to assume thus that Hornby released for both the Original kitty line and the Sweet Dreamers line a "Soft Touch" line of these kitties too.

The line can easily be called differently  but so far I haven't encountered anyone yet who can ID this released kitty.  Sabine got hers already unpacked so we have no package to help us out.  For the moment we have decided to settle on this name though in analogy to the Soft Touch Puppies Hornby released.

I believe Hornby here once anew followed the lead of My Little Pony.  In 1985 Hasbro released for its line My Little Pony Baby Ponies with Beddy-Bye Eyes.  Basically these Baby Ponies have eyes that can open and close and they have eye lashes.  The exact same concept as with the Sweet Dreamers from Hornby only the eyes here are called: "Sleepy Eyes"

In the same year, 1985, Hasbro also released So Soft Ponies.  These are My Little Ponies with a flocked body that feel very soft to the touch.  The same principle thus.

                                                                                                            Sabine's flocked kittie cat with plain eyes


                                                                                             Sabine's white flocked cat with "sleeping" eyes like the Sweet Dreamers cats