15 March 2018

Lots of news to share.  Let's start with the accompanying picture here. 

As you can see Puppy Vicki and Kitty Lizzie are wearing some kind of dress here, the problem is that I have a huge problem ID the dresses.  When I bought the dress Puppy Vicki has on, I was convinced it was the Party Dress from Puppy Care however ...  Whilst the dress does resemble the promo picture a bit, it isn't a right fit.  And if I compare it to the - sadly enough not so clear - pictures I posted earlier on about the dress owned by other people, then this dress is a complete different caliber.  So what is the deal?  Do I perhaps own the underdress of the outfit and the others the skirt that goes over an underdress?  A bit like the Kitty Care Dress & Apron set where you put two pieces of clothing over each other?  It could be possible.  If you look closely at the promo picture, then the Puppy seems to be wearing some kind of dark pink belt.  Compare this to the pictures I already thought I had found of the outfit, and you can see that dark pink coming back at the top edge.  So is this then perhaps just a skirt and not an entire dress on those pictures?  The Party Dress outfit from Puppy care continues to raise questions.  As does Kitty Lizzie's dress.

Kitty Lizie wears a dress that can either be the Ball Gown I am still missing from Kitty Care - although I doubt it as then the brought out version would be a very bog stretch from the promotional outlined outfit - or the Wedding Gown.  The only problem with the last one is that so far I haven't managed to track down a good promotional picture of this Kitty care outfit nor have I been able to find someone owning the outfit.  The dress does look a bit like a wedding gown and could be the one we are looking for but since the veil is in the promo picture for this outfit draped all over the Kitty and dress, I can't say for sure.

In any case, more to come on these two dresses once I have found time to take more pictures of these now owned dresses.

Also in need to take pictures of two new darlings that have joined the rankings here, namely Puppy Pickles and finally - after missing out on buying one for years on second hand sites as someone else always beat me to it - Kitty Henry!

Sweeties you can already admire though are two more Puppies from Puppy Care I own.  One I recently acquired, namely a Pluto Puppy on which you can discover more on the Products page in the Off Topic section under the article: Crouching down Pluto Puppy purple hair.  And also a long face Puppy that has been residing here already for years but I only recently discovered had forgotten to add on the site here.  It's a Puppy "Poppy" look alike with one difference to Puppy "Poppy" and if you are curious to find out what that difference is, then I suggest you go to the Products page, scroll to the Off Topic section and read the article: Long face Puppy Poppy look alike