Long face Puppy Poppy look alike

This sweetie was bought on a second hand site in the Netherlands, comb and accessory sadly enough missing.  Matching long face Puppy Poppy a lot, I mistakingly dupped the darling "Poppy" only to have come to the discovery that unlike long face Puppy Poppy, this Puppy doesn't have long ears that hang downwards right beside the face but short ears that are flopped open a bit.  But this is then also the only difference with long face Puppy Poppy as body color wise, spot wise, eye wise, eyebrow wise, hair color wise ...  It is all the exact spitting image of long face Puppy Poppy.

With no promotional picture existing for this darling, I don't know its name unless of course it is a "Poppy" just in a slightly altered released version.





Extra pictures:

                     notice the black painted nails         


Wearing the Puppy Care pyjamas:

    holding a Puppy Care accessory