Crouching down Pluto Puppy purple hair

This darling was bought at a bargain sale of a toy shop in Belgium that was cleaning out old stock. 

A light brown body with lovely black spots.  Gorgeous purple hair.  A darker shade of brown than the body for the ears that are of course move-able.  The ears are also short and not hanging down right beside the head.  Wrinkles on its snout, putting it in the Pluto Puppy category of the Puppydex.  Bought new and still in its package, the sweetheart came with a blue comb holding the Puppy Care logo, a yellow as well as a red ribbon, a red collar with yellow buckle and a yellow toy bone. 

Sadly no promo picture exists for this cutie as far as I know currently, so the darling is for now nameless ...


In Package:




                                                                                                                                                                                                                        with her comb, collar, red ribbon and yellow toy bone