8 november 2018

Two more puppies have been added to the site.  A Soft Touch Puppies and an olive-shaped eye puppy that ressembles puppy Pickles a lot, but most probably isn't Pickles.

To see more images of the Soft Touch Puppies, please go to the Products page, chose the "Off Topic" section and then click on the article Soft Touch Puppy sitting up greenish gray (or just click on the link here)

The olive-shaped eye puppy can also be found in the "Off Topic" section on the Products page.  It has been given the title: Olive-shaped eye puppy Pickles look alike (or again just click the link here)

Enjoy these darlings ...

Furthermore I have added some extra pictures of Barney modelling the Kitty Care Ball Gown outfit.  You can find them on the Products page under the section: "Fashion / Outfits", more precisely here: Kitty Care Ball Gown