8 february 2018

The new additions to the site - and the upcoming reorganisation - is all due to Suruni and Compiih.  Compiih wrote a fantastic article concerning the Puppy Care serie off Hornby from which I put the highlights on the News page, under the article that speaks for itself: Puppy Care, a summary by Compiih.  I can only advice you all to check it out and then click further to the original article as it holds a ton of fun and new information as well as gorgeous pictures from various Puppies, including Soft Touch Puppies and young Puppies.

On the Products page, more specifically under the Off Topic section, I added more pictures belonging to Compiih concerning Suruni and Compiih's Puppy Care collection to the: Puppy Care owned by Suruni and Compiih article.  You can easily find them as they are just added beneath the ones that had already been on there.

And last but not least you can find on the Links page a link to Compiih's Flickr album and to Compiih's Livejournal.  Both on Flickr and Livejournal you'll discover Puppy Care owned by Compiih and Suruni together.

What concerns the reorganisation I hinted about above, I have decided to follow Suruni and Compiih's example and I am going to group the Puppies from Puppy care together.  This means that when I have the time, I will be working on the Promotional Puppies against real brought out Puppies article on the Products page under the Off Topic section.   Puppies will shift around there thus in the - hopefully near future - which will also perhaps make it easier to find a certain Puppy back in the already long existing list.  The groups I will make are: bulldog face Puppies, olive-shaped eye Puppies, long face Puppies, Pluto Puppies (yes, I am stealing this category name from Compiih and Suruni as I can't think of a better and more suited name for those darlings), Soft Touch Puppies (the only serie name I can use from Hornby itself for the flocked body Puppies) and young Puppies.

Note that all these newly added pictures belong to Compiih.