Puppy Care, a summary by Compiih

Recently Suruni contected me to let me know that Compiih created a LJ post about their combined Puppy Care collection.  Not only does the article hold many gorgeous pictures, it also brings forth a few interesting points about the Puppy care serie off Hornby.  Below I give a quick summary of the most intriguing things Compiih and Suruni have discovered but I advice you all to go and read the LJ post on Compiih's Live journal account as it is more than worth your while!


Suruni and Compiih have noticed that the "bulldog" faced Puppies - which they have given the name "Tuhnu" - can be divided into two seperate groups as some of these Puppies have a bigger head mold as the others.

These four dogs have a head mold that is slightly wider 

The same thing applies for the Puppies with what they have come to call the Puppies with an "Arvi" face.

These four dogs have thus a bigger head mold

And also for the Puppies with a "Pluto" face as they have come to organize their Puppies.

The ones with a bigger head mold would be the three dogs at the upper row, starting from the left



Furthermore Compiih and Suruni have managed to collect already a gorgeous and fun group of flocked Puppies - The Soft Touch Puppies serie thus - and also an adorable group of young Puppies.

Soft Touch Puppies

young Puppies



Another mind blowing discovery that was made by these two collectors concerns one of their owned Puppies named Lizzie and one of the young Puppies pictured here above.  

Eventhough both Puppies carry the Hornby-ID mark in their ear, their body mold deviates from the regular known body mold off the Puppy Care Puppies from Hornby.  

The most interesting difference concerning the young Puppy is found at the height of its toes.  The little darling has four toes whilst all the other young Puppies from Puppy care only have three toes:

The same thing applies for Lizzie:

The regular three toes compared to the abnormal four toes

But even her stance is different as you can easily see thanks to Compiih and Suruni owning both versions of Lizzie:


The stance of the not so regular Lizzie reminds me of the stance found in Kitty care with the cat I am currently calling a second version of Katie.

Also is the hole in the mouth to hold a toy apparently not completely created as there is some sort of stop in there that prevents you to let Lizzie hold a toy in her mouth:

So why are they so different?  It seems unlikely they are Fakies as they hold the Hornby ID mark and the serie never was that popular, like My Little Pony for instance, that would justify a profitable ripp off.  Are these then just fabrication errors that have slipped through the mazes of the net?  Were in some countries the Puppies from Puppy Care created slightly different?  Who knows?  So far we can only guess and speculate, but one thing is certain ...  Once again Puppy Care (and also Kitty Care by default) proofs to be anything but a dull and uninteresting serie to collect and be in love with.


Note that the pictures added here are all property of Compiih as they are copied with permission from the article.