3 march 2018

I changed the pictures for Kitty cat Poppy as I wasn't too pleased with the ones I had added.  Not sure if the new ones are a very big improvement but they are at least a bit better I dare to say.  Poppy can be found on the Products page under the Original Cats section.

Puppy Care wise I have added on the Products page under the Off Topic section already pictures for one of my newly owned Soft Touch Puppies.  The sweetie is a gorgeous grayish - slightly tilting to the green - Puppy with sof pink spots.  And of course she doesn't have a hard plastic body but a soft flocked body as she is part of the Soft Touch line of Puppy Care.  You can admire the darling here: Soft Touch Puppy with olive-shaped eyes

Furthermore you may have noticed perhaps that at times pictures have gone missing on the site.  This is due to the fact that I have discovered that my picture archive here holds many duplicates of the same picture and I am trying to clean that archive up.  It happens then though that at times here or there on the site a certain picture has disappeared as it was deleted in the archive.  But I will do my best to track all the missing pictures on the site here down so that I can replace the newly existing blank spot with the remaining picture in the archive.  So please bare with me as this site is a bit under construction I guess you could say.