Poppy is a female Siamese cat with gorgeous green eyes and lila colored hair.  If the Poppy on the second released promotional picture for her has indeed green eyes, then she is an exact copy of this second released picture.  In the first promo picture of her she has however blue eyes and is looking sideways.  So far I haven't seen such a Poppy pop up anywhere yet though so it remains the question whether she truly was also brought out as she was portrayed on that first released promotional picture for her.

I bought this sweetie second hand in the Netherlands where she was part of a My Little Pony lot.  Sadly enough she came without toy, comb and ribbons.  And is she also injured as she has a tear near her left behind leg.  To prevent further damage I have tried to glue the tear but it remains to be seen whether the glue will hold.  She is however a gorgeous sweetheart all the same ...



Promo shot:  


Extra pictures: