24 february 2018

Yes, we now own all three original Siamese cats!  Poppy, Monty and Samantha have all managed to find their way here.  Samantha is my own childhood sweetheart, Monty had already been bought second hand a while back and since this week Poppy has also managed to find her way from a second hand site to my house.  If you want to go and admire the sweetie, then please head to the Products page and look under the Original Cats section at her article: Poppy

As announced I have also been reworking the article: Promotional Puppies against real brought out Puppies on the Products page under the Off Topic section.  The Puppies are now divided into 6 groups, namely:

  1. - bulldog face Puppies: these Puppies have a head that reminds of bulldogs
  2. - olive-shaped eye Puppies: these Puppies have eyes that remind of the form of an olive
  3. - long face Puppies: similar to the Pluto Puppies but with a more smooth face than the wrinkled face of the Pluto Puppies.  And unlike the Pluto Puppies they have two wrinkles around the eyes and a top black eyelid
  4. - Pluto Puppiestheir face makes you think of Pluto's face.  They have several wrinkles around the nose whilst the long face Puppies don't.  Beside the eyes they have only one wrinkle and their eyes don't have a top black eyelid
  5. - Soft Touch Puppies: official name off Hornby for this line of Puppies with a flocked body
  6. - young Puppies: the baby Puppies.  They have a smaller body than the adult versions and so far they are all also spotless 

I hope it will now be easier to find a certain Puppy back in the list and that it will also be easier to compare certain Puppies with each other to discover at times the small details that make two Puppies differ from each other after all.  Note also that the article has been changed to the name: Puppydex.

Have fun with the Puppydex!  And see if you can also spot all the newly added pictures ...


Note that not all the newly added Puppy pictures belong to me but are found on other people's sites.