22 january 2017

Again I will firstly warn that the newly uploaded pictures for Vicky leave something to desire over, but for now they will have to do until the weather improves anew and we have back some real sunshine.

So as you then probably were able to guess already, Vicky has been uploaded to the Products page.  More precisely to the 'Off Topic' section that deals with the puppies from Puppy Care.

Furthermore a newly discovered puppy has been added to the list off Promotional Puppies against real brought out Puppies just as another discovered Josie has made her way to the list off Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care.   Have fun spotting them!


And perhaps completely off topic here, but if you like eighties toys in cat form, I have started to make another site that is dedicated to these toys.  The site doesn't go so in dept about all the toys as this site about Kitty Care (and a bit Puppy Care) but it holds tons of pictures and a general info so perhaps you'll still like it all the same.  For those who are interested or could be interested: https://toys-of-the-eighties.webnode.nl/index/