Vicki came in the same lot as the unnamed brown dog with black spots on this page.  Together with that puppy and a kitty cat off Kitty Care, she travelled across the ocean towards here as I bought her second handed from an English seller on ebay.  I am still unsure whether I am going to keep her myself or will try to trade her or sell her off, but since she is currently still here (after more than a month), I am putting her up after all already in this section.  We'll just see what the future brings for her ...

Vicki has purple hair on her head and a light creamy brown body with black spots. Black freckles adorn her lovely cheeks and her light brown ears are long and, as with all puppies from Puppy Care, move-able.  I am not sure whether it is only a problem my Vicki experiences or not but due to her long ears, mine easily tips over from her sitting up position.  She came without a comb or extra accessories.


Promo shot:

Extra pictures:


Wearing the Puppy Care Jogging Suit: