12 october 2017

Big news thanks to "Millions of Toys", a Specialist Advisor in Vintage and Collectable Toys who I met on ebay.  "Millions of Toys" is selling a boxed Kitty Care Cabin on ebay and on the box of the Kitty Care playset stood, among other things, also a new promotional picture of the originally brought out serie of the cats from Kitty Care.  Thankfully they were so kind there as to take a good close up picture of the image so that in the News section in the article: Kitty Care names of the Kitty cats you can see and read all about how some of the cats have changed in regards to the promotional picture for them we so far only knew.  And perhaps even more importantly, how many of the cats in the Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care list now need to be shifted as they are suddenly identified or have been named most probably wrongly all along.  Who says Kitty Care from Hornby is a dull hobby?

Interested in visiting the shop of "Millions of Toys"?  Then please click here.