Kitty Care names of the Kitty cats

Uptil now the only reference we had for the names of the first serie of cats from Kitty Care, were the twelve cats that were portrayed on the backcard of the package off both the clothing sets from Kitty Care as well as the individually sold cats from Kitty Care.  Thanks to "Millions of Toys", a Specialist Advisor in Vintage and Collectable Toys who I met on ebay, however we have not only a new image for these original cats (with their names included), but also proof that most probably the twelve original cats weren't always produced and brought out as they had been shown on the backcards from the clothing sets and the sold cats.  A fun note however is that whilst there are changes in the cats themselves, the toys they are holding in their mouths haven't changed.  They are still exactly the same color-wise and shape-wise.  Same goes for the hair ribbons.

The image "Millions of Toys" provided us so gracefully with comes from the packaging box from the Kitty Care playset, the Kitty Care Cabin.

Whilst some cats look in both promotional images exactly the same, others have undergone a significant transformation.

      Bertie's pose has changed as you can see.  The left paw is folded in the second pic and the right paw isn't lifted in the air.  Also notice how the darling got hair on the top of his head, the quickest noticible change I guess ...


      Just like with Bertie, Bobby is standing in a different pose.  Right paw no longer lifted in the air and his left paw folded underneath him.  Again the male cat has acquired hair on top of his head but Bobby has also managed to score a new fur coat.  The brown paws and legs have turned white.  And his green eyes no longer glance sideways but look straight ahead.


      Henry's pose hasn't changed, but the color of his eyes has just as the direction of his glance.  No longer does Henry spor orange eyes and is he glancing left.  The male cat is now looking with green eys to the right.  Again the male cat is also no longer bold on the top of his head and instead of orange paws, Henry is sporting now white socks.  If you take a look at the Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care article in the News section, you will find that Henry was brought out in the second version so with green eyes, glancing right, white paws and purple hair on the top of his head.


      It isn't very good noticeble for Katie but it seems like instead of the prou dpose in the first picture, Katie has the more crouched down position (like Henry's for instance) in the second picture.  What is very clearly noticeble is that Katie's eyes no longer are glancing sideways but looking straightforward.  If you go over to the Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care article in the News section, you will see that the cat I have been calling Katie so far is a bit of a mix between these two darlings.  Her pose ressembles a bit the one out of the first picture, although again I like to note that her right paw isn't lifted in the air and her left paw is slightly folded, but her eyes are a perfect copy of the second image Katie.  However if you look at the other possible candidate, and if I am right in saying that in the second image Katie has a crouched down position, then this darling would actually be Katie.  My Katie has then wrongfully been called Katie all this time ...  (you have to enjoy the mystery these kitty cats keep providing)


      One of the only cats that not only looks exactly the same in the two promotional pictures, but has also exactly been brought out in this version.  See Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care in the News section.


       Another male cat, another high time the cat got hair on his head.  Monty is in the second picture foreseen from a healthy bundle of hair and whilst his pose is exactly the same, the eyes are no longer blue and glancing sideways.  Monty now has orange eyes that stare straight at you.  And yes, notice in the  Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care article in the News section that Monty has been released exactly as he looks in the second promotional picture.


      Pickles no longer has her green eyes that look straight ahead.  Instead she has wickedly blue eyes that are glancing sideways.  The Pickles of the second promotional picture is also the one you can find for real: Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care


      Poppy's blue eyes have turned green I think, it isn't very good noticeble, and she is no longer glancing misschieviously sideways but looking straight ahead.


      Samantha ...  no change to report.  Not even for her brought out version: Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care  The darling has remained exactly the same in every version.


       Blue eyes have been replaced by yellow ones and the sideway glance has become a looking straight ahead.  Going by the fact that we have found a Sophie who looks exactly the same as the Sophie in the second promotional picture, it is most probably safe to assume the second Sophie version is the brought out one.   See the real existing Sophie here: Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care in the News section.


       The one I am the most excited about cause if I am right and Thomas got a crouched down position instead of the right paw lifted position, then the cat I have owned since my childhood and I have mistakingly been calling "Henry" is actually a "Thomas"!  My cat currently known under "cat number 13" in the list  Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care needs to be changed to "Thomas" thus ...  Also notice that once again hair has been added to the top of the head.


     Apart from the clearly white socks on all four paws and not just one paw like in the first promotional picture.  And the added hair on top of the head, Winston hasn't changed between the two promotional pictures.  The brought out Winston is also a perfect copy of the Winston in the second promotional picture: Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care