Katie number 1

Katie, a black female kitty with pink hair.  In the first released promo picture Katie's eyes look sideways and not upwards like with my darling.  My version also has yellow eyes instead of the blue ones with which she is shown in the promotional picture.   I bought her second hand in the Netherlands.  Sadly enough she came without toy, comb and ribbons.

If we go however by the second released promotional picture, then I most probably have been calling this released cat "Katie" wrongly unless in the end two versions of Katie were released.  One ressembling the first promo picture and one being the spitting image of the second promo picture.  See also: Katie number 2  This Katie only shares the black fur, pink hair and the yellow eyes looking straight forward with the second released promo picture.  Her pose is completely off however. 


Promo shot:                                                                    


Extra pictures: