Hello and welcome to this site that is dedicated to the toy serie Kitty Care that was brought out by the manufacturer Hornby.  In 1985 Hornby launched a serie of plastic dogs and plastic cats called Puppy Care and Kitty Care.  The heads of these plastic dogs and cats are twistable and they have brushable hair.  This site will mainly focus on the cats but don't be surprised when you come across some Puppy Care too here.  The outfits and accessories of both lines can namely easily be used for both product lines.


25 August 2016

A start has been made on the comparison between the existing Puppy Care Puppies and the promotional pictures for these dogs.  Whilst I have managed to track down already quite a few that look indeed exact like their promotional picture, I have also come across many more that seem to have...

18 August 2016

I figured it could be fun to compare the promotional images of the Kitty Care cats with the truly brought out versions.  Just as with the clothing lines, differences can be found.  And when you look at how some cats for instance were brought out as exact copies from each other just with a...

9 august 2016

Lizzie has been added to the site.  You can go and admire her over at the Products page under the category: Off Topic under her name of course: Lizzie. Furthermore I also added an image of Puppy Care Vicky that I found whilst browsing through old pages of e-bay.  I find her rather cute...

30 July 2016

In the "Products" section, the article about the "basket and cushion" has been expanded with a fun fact and some new pictures.  Curious to know what I discovered about this accessorie from Puppy Care and what new pictures grace the article page?  Go quickly there and check it...

28 July 2016

For a while I had only included in the "News" section the outfits off the fashion line from Kitty Care.  Seeing however as the outfits from the Puppy Care line also easily match the kitty cats from Kitty Care and seeing as I am also collecting these outfits for my Kitty Care collection, I...

27 july 2016

I have decided to put a log up so that people who revisit the site can easily see what has been updated / changed since their last visit here ... So what has changed recently?  A lot actually ... Two weeks ago I managed to buy a lot of Puppy Care that held one Puppy, the "bowls and mat" set...