Soft Touch Puppy with olive-shaped eyes

This Soft Touch Puppy was bought in a bargain sale of a toy shop closing down. 

The Puppy has olive-shaped eyes, pink hair that is tied together with a pink ribbon and a grayish slightly tilting to green flocked body with pink spots.  Its ears are as with all Puppy Care Puppies move-able and around its neck the Puppy wears a pink collar with a yellow buckle.  Note that whilst for the Puppy Care Puppies this collar is made out of fabric, Soft Touch Puppies have gotten a collar made in imitation leather.  Another difference with the regular just plastic body Puppies from Puppy Care is the comb.  No longer is it a small comb wearing the Puppy care logo.  The comb coming with the Soft Touch Puppies is about two times bigger and has a heart shaped figure in its handle instead of the Puppy Care logo.  On the comb are also the initials M.T. imprinted.  The comb that came with this Soft Touch Puppy is pink and its toy, that is a partially unrolled roll of toilet paper, is also a soft pink.

Promo shot:


In Package:




with her comb and partially unrolled roll of toilet paper toy

   notice the letters M.T. on the comb and the heart shape