Soft Touch Puppy sitting up purple

Bought in a bargain sale of a toy shop closing down, the shop located in Belgium. 

The Puppy has lovely purple hair, a long snout and many rimples on said snout, making it a part of the Pluto Puppies so to speak.  But more specifically, due to its soft flocked body, this Puppy of course belongs to the Soft Touch Puppies serie of Hornby.  The purple hair is held together by a purple ribbon and this purple color also comes back in the collar with yellow buckle the Puppy wears around its neck.  The body itself is a soft orange with lila colored spots and its long ears are, just like they are for all Puppies from Puppy Care, move-able.

Note that whilst for the Puppy Care Puppies their collar is made out of fabric, Soft Touch Puppies have gotten a collar made in imitation leather.  Note also that the comb accompanying the Puppy isn't a small comb with the Puppy Care logo on the handle but a much larger purple comb with a heart shape on the handle.  Beside this heart shape stand the letters M.T. imprinted.  Apart from the comb, the Puppy also has a purple accessory that it can hold in its mouth, namely a partially unrolled roll of toilet paper.  On the promotional picture the Puppy however is pictured with a purple shoe ...



Promo shot:


In Package:




with comb and partially unrolled roll of toilet paper accessory

    notice how long the handle is for the Puppy to hold the roll of toiletpaper in its mouth