Puppy Care brown black spotted sitting dog

This sweetie was bought second handed from an English seller on ebay.  She came in a lot that I mainly bought for the Kitty Care cat that belonged to the lot, still I can't deny that I had also fallen immediately in love with this sweetie.  But with no promo picture for this cutie, the dog is currently nameless ...

Light blond hair on the head, short black move-able ears and a brown body decorated with black spots.  The dog is sitting up and resting on its rear and cute, small plastic tail.

He or she came with a blue collar attached around its neck but whether the collar truly belongs to him or her is unknown.  It can easily belong to one of the other dogs that was in the lot or to a dog that went lost over the years ...  I can't deny however that the blue collar contrasts gorgeously with the brown color of its body.

Extra pictures:


Wearing the Puppy Care 'Ballerina' outfit: