Lizzie, just as you probably already guessed going by her name, is a female. Her body is orange with white and she has lovely pink hair.  Large orange eyes look sideways and since she is a female, she has eyelashes.  I bought her on a second hand internet site from a Belgian seller.  She came with a yellow fish toy and a yellow comb which isn't the comb we know that comes normally with one of the kitty cats.  As you can see, this comb has no logo of Kitty Care on it but ressembles more the comb that is shown on the promo shot.  It remains a mystery whether this is truly her original comb or not.  In the promo shot she is shown with the yellow fish toy, however her comb there is blue ...


Promo shot:


Extra pictures:




Lizzie wearing the My Little Pony 'Pony Luv' outfit.  She is ready to play some tennis!