Kitty Care Cabin


The only playset that was released for Kitty Care.  It was released together with the original line of toy kittens around 1985.  I have mine from when I had my first three cats Samantha, Winston and Thomas.  My three darlings were able to move in from the get go.





Promo shot:



The package box (pictures provided by "Millions of Toys"):



Extra pictures of my playset:

  Pink tiled roof, white bow that acts as a carrier lever, stickers with flowers on the doors and the pink window frame with a glimpse of the purple plastic curtains on the inside.  The green fence on the side marks a small garden.

                                          stickers on the front doors on the outside

 The back of the playset.

                                                                                                            stickers underneath the windows of the back doors on the outside 

Notice how the front and back doors have the exact opposite color scheme for their windows!

  front door window: pink frame and purple curtains  

  back door window: purple frame and pink curtains

  Front and back doors are wide open.  The green mattress with the black paws imprint lays inside in the little dibhole that is especially created for this purpose.  The mattress remains in place like this.  Notice also on both sides of the mattress the open arcs that lead outside.

      Notice the open arc on the side.   

  The Kitty Care logo is present above the open arc at the side of the playhouse.

Closer look at the green mattrass with black paws imprint.  Back doors are closed and show pink curtains and the purple window frame.  The exact opposite color-wise with the front doors.  Below the windows are stickers from a small cabinet with items stacked on the shelves, a towel rack and plant.

                                                  stickers on the inside beneath the windows of the back doors

  The other doors with the purple curtains this time around and the pink window frame.  Below the windows are stickers that represent a sofa and a cushion.  Notice clearly the open arcways here that lead outside.

                                                           stickers on the inside beneath the windows of the front doors

  The little borders of the dibhole inside in which one can place the mattress.  You can see that the height difference isn't that big. 

  The roof flap is pulled open and the terrace comes into existence like this.  Two green fences to provide a railing.  The sticker shows a mirror on top of a small table flanked by a wardrobe and a one person's armchair.  Beside the chair stands a pot and on the wall hangs a picture of a fish.  In front of the table stands a small elbow rest-less chair.

           stickers visible on the terrace.  Notice the cute mousehole!

  The green mattress has moved to the terrace.  It fits the space between the green fences perfectly.  Now the kitties can play soft- and safely on the terrace.

  The green mattress with the black paw print.

  Stickers on top of the roof: two butterflies

  The leverage is pulled out to carry the playset around.

  Time to move in and enjoy the Kitty Care Cabin!  


Extra pictures of the playset found on the site off "Millions of Toys":


Notice how the playset here comes with a pink mattress instead of a green one.  Apparently there are different sets out there where colors of the items that come along with the playset, can differ.  In this case the mattress is pink instead of green.  So far the only differences I have seen in playsets is the color of the mattress yet I keep wondering if there are perhaps even more differences possible that I haven't just discovered yet.