Gorgeous orange with white male cat.  Henry has purple hair and green eyes that glance sideways.  He is one of the male cats so there are no eye lashes.   Body is completly orange apart from the belly, paws and the snout that are white as you can see.  Whilst the first promo picture shows a Henry with orange eyes that glance in the other direction than mine, the second promo picture is an exact copy of Henry as we all have come to know him in real life.  And let me also point out anew that when you look at the first released promo picture, Henry has no hair on his head as was the case for all male cats in these first released promo pictures.

I bought mine second hand and whilst I have been looking for ages for one, I am now the proud owner of already two of this sweetheart.  Both were found and bought in the Netherlands.  Both came sadly enough without the toy, ribbons and comb that are included in the package.

Promo shot:


Extra pictures: 


Henry wearing the Puppy Care Cap and Hat clothing set: