Bobby has a brown body with even darker brown spots and a white snoot and chest.  This male darling has blue hair and orange eyes.   I traded him for a My Little Pony - D.J. - with someone from The Netherlands.  Sadly he came without toy, ribbons and little comb.

In the first released promotional picture Bobby has a different pose and green eyes instead of orange ones.  His green eyes also look sideways whilst my Bobby has orange eyes that look straightforward.  In the second released promo pic Bobby is shown in a new pose but still not the pose of this cat.  His eyes are still green but looking straight forward now.  And his brown fur has gained white patches.  A completley different Bobby compared with the first promotional pic off this darling.  So do there exist different versions of Bobby?  Is my cat one of those released versions of Bobby.  Or am I wrongfully calling him Bobby?

Promo shot:  


 Extra pictures:


Bobby dressed up in a combination of a T-shirt from Puppy Care and the dungarees from a Kitty Care outfit: