Accessories accompanying the cats

Every package of a cat holds five extra items.  Apart from the cat, you also get one comb, one kitty toy and a set of three ribbons.  As far as I know these combs, toys and ribbons were never sold seperately from the cats or the playset, the Kitty Care Cabin.

With the comb you can brush the hair of the cat.  It is made of plastic, holds the kitty care logo and comes in three different colors: light blue, red and yellow.  These three colors return in the toys for the cats too. 

In the promo shot the combs were shown to be just plain rectangular.  I only own one of those combs and it came with Lizzie.  I am not sure why some Kitties (and also Puppies from Puppy care) have the rectangular combs while others have the decorated ones with a cat head or dog head.  Personally I prefer the ones with the heads.


promo shot:    


For the kittie cats' entertainment three different toys were released.  They come in the colors of the combs, namely light blue, red and yellow.  And exist in three possible forms: a bobbin or rattle, a fish bone and a mouse toy with a key on the side to symbolize that it represents a winding up toy. 

The cats from Kitty Care can hold one of these toys in their mouth thanks to the small hole that is situated there and the short bar that sticks out from each toy.

The toys were released as shown on the promo shots.


Katie's with the mouse toys:


Winston showing the mouth hole:


The ribbons come in various colors and in two different sizes.  One of the ribbons goes around the neck of the cat, one serves for the back tail and the last ribbon is for the hair on top of the cat's head.

   the different colors I have currently