7 february 2019

As said I have started to rework the Puppydex. In accordance to how you can use a Pokedex for your Pokemon identicfication, the Puppydex will hold for every known Puppy a picture taken from upfront, both sides and the rear to help you ID your own Puppy.  Of course the Puppydex is a work in progress as I don't own most of the Puppies myself.  For those, I can only provide so far pictures of other people I have come across and occasionally also still come across.  There I also put up only the pictures that can help with the ID proces.  All the other pictures of course aren't going to waste.  That would be a shame.  No, I have started a Pinterest account where all those extra pictures are grouped together and can still be admired by you.  The Pinterest account is simply called: Puppy Care Hornby and can be accesssed easily by clicking here on the link or by clicking the link refered to in the Puppydex.