31 March 2017

No new additions sadly enough for my own collection, but I have managed to find again pictures of other people's kitty cats and puppy dogs.  The found darlings have been added to the lists of known cats from Kitty Care and dogs from Puppy Care. 

To  check out the new added kitty cats, please visit Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care. Here is a hint for whom to look: Bobby, Henry, Samantha, cat number 14, cat number 17

For the dogs, browse through the list here at Promotional Puppies against real brought out Puppies.  The ones to spot are: dog number 13, dog number 14, doggie number 19, puppy darling 20, doggie sweetie number 25, dog number 26, puppy number 28, Lizzie, puppy sweetie 33, cutie number 38

Note that the newly added pictures are all from cats and dogs that don't belong to my own collection but are found on other people's sites.