3 february 2018

I may have missed out on buying on the second hand sites a few new Kitties and Puppies for my very own collection, but I did manage to snag the pictures before the adds were removed.

The cats are no newbies.  It were a Henry (which I am sadly still missing in my very own collection) and a Katie.  You can see their newly added pictures in the News section, more specifically under the article: Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care

For the dogs, there are a few new pictures of puppy Rover, playing with a yellow pipe, and a newly discovered version puppy that conveniently got the name puppy number 53.  To see the pictures, just head to the Products page and scroll down to the Off Topic section where you can find the article: Promotional Puppies against real brought out Puppies.

Note that the newly added pictures are all from cats and dogs that don't belong to my own collection but are found on other people's sites.