24 january 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to this site also in 2019.   For the moment I haven't added a lot.  Yes, it is sadly rather quiet on the Hornby Kitty and Puppy Care front.  What I can offer you is some new pictures that have been added to the list of the discovered Puppies and the list of the discovered Kitties versus their promotional released pictures.  Notice how there is one new Puppy that has popped up out of the woodwork that so far I hadn't spotted yet!

On the Kittydex you can see new pictures for: Bobby (green eyed and orange eyed), Henry, Katie (both versions), Monty, Pickles, Samantha, Sophie, Thomas, Winston and Sweet Dreamer Kitty Josie.

For the Puppies the Puppydex has been updated with pictures for: bulldog Lizzie, bulldog puppy 16, bulldog puppy 19, olive shaped eye puppy 3, olive shaped eye puppy 7 (yes this is a newly discovered one!), long face puppy 1, long face puppy 2, long face puppy 13, long face puppy 15, long face puppy 18, long face puppy 19, long face puppy 20, pluto puppy 1, pluto puppy 6, pluto puppy 8, pluto puppy 14, pluto puppy Tansy, soft touch puppy 5 and soft touch puppy 6.

On a different note the Kittydex and Puppydex are starting to become rather picture heavy so I am thinking about changing something there.  Perhaps in the future I will only put for all possible Kitties and Puppies one picture up there for each side so you can easily use it to ID your Kitty and / or Puppy.  The other extra pictures, because I would be sad to lose them, could perhaps go up in a Pinterest account or so where I can give each Kitty and each Puppy its own board with all its existing pictures there grouped together.  So far it is just a thought, nothing set yet in stone, but this way you are warned.  Of course I will let everyone here know where the pictures will have moved to then so don't fear that you will lose out on them.