21 september 2017

One month later and so much to add to the site!  More information discovered about young dogs of Puppy Care.  Yes, you've read it right.  There are real puppies in the Puppy Care line!  I haven't managed to track anything down yet concerning possible kittens for Kitty Care but the puppies exist!  And when I have anew some time, I will put the information and pictures up for the puppies on the site.

For now though I have updated the Photogallery with gorgeous pictures of the combined owned Kitty Care collection of suruni and compiih.  I advise you all to go and take a look at the pics.  The pictures of their combined Puppy Care collection can be found in the Products section under Off Topic: Puppy Care owned by suruni and compiih  I've also added a link to suruni's photo album page on the Links page.  I'd say keep an eye on this page cause who knows when new beautiful pictures may appear on suruni's Flickr for Puppy Care and/or Kitty Care?  Not to forget all the other gorgeous pictures of other toys that are already on there!

Still to do and thus to come:

 - update the list of promotional versus really brought out kitties and puppies cause I have managed to track down anew a whole bunch of these darlings

 - create an article for the discovered young puppies from Puppy care

 - seriously update my page on which I have standing all my Kitty Care and Puppy care available for trading purposese cause I have discovered that it is lacking in what all is available