19 october 2017

I've been diligently working further on the site, adding anew some of the found material during the last months.  This time around I concentrated on the lists of known dogs from Puppy Care.  And yes, you can already admire pictures of the non adult puppies there!  And finally also a picture of a puppy with a flocked body!

Furthermore some corrections have been made also to the list of Promotional Puppies against real brought out Puppies in the Products section as I came to notice I had added a few puppies together under one number whilst they held small differences after all, making them thus different puppies after all.

To  check out the new added dog darlings, please visit: Promotional Puppies against real brought out Puppies.  The ones who have gained added pictures or have made a new appearance are: puppy Candy, puppy Tansy, puppy Vicki, puppy 14, puppy 15, puppy 17, puppy 18, puppy 19, puppy 20, puppy 21, puppy 23, puppy 25, puppy 26, puppy 28, puppy Poppy, puppy Lizzie, puppy 35, puppy 38, puppy 40, puppy 41, puppy 42, puppy 43, puppy 44, puppy 45, puppy 46, puppy 47, puppy 48, puppy 49, puppy 50

Note that the newly added pictures are all from cats and dogs that don't belong to my own collection but are found on other people's sites.