14 october 2017

I've been going through the site to correct names for the cats off Kitty care.  It is possible that you will still find something off here or there, and for that I apologize, but if I do stumble upon the error myself later on note that I will correct it still then.

So what has changed?  The names of the cats in the Products section have been corrected where needed and each cat has gained their second promo pic on their page.

Furthermore have names been corrected in the Photogallery, in the Playset and Accessories articles on the Products page and in the Fashion / Outfits articles also found on the Products page. The For Trading page has also been corrected for the darling Thomas that is up there for trading purposes.

The For trading page has been updated as well as the Still looking for page.  Both were seriously lacking information and needed a good update.