12 July 2017

It remains a challenge to find new material to put up here for both Kitty Care and Puppy Care.  Is this due to the series having lacked popularity in the eighties and the beginning of the nineties?  Sales having been low and thus not a lot of them still being around to find their way to second hand selling sites?   I don't know but what I do know is that the material that can still be found on sale on second hand sites is still the same as months before, the items probably also having a hard time to find a new owner as the prices that are being asked by the sellers are clearly way too high.  Yes, they probably argue that since items off Puppy Care and Kitty Care are hard to find, they are worth more.  However, if you take into account that not many people are into collecting the kitties and puppies - most who come to own one, two or a few of them only got them by acident and also at a very low price - and that the sellers are asking a price that is mostly two to three times the price (or even more) one paid years ago for a brand new puppy, kitty, clothing set or accessory set, it is not hard to understand why they won't sell and remain on the second hand selling sites.

Anyway, the site here isn't dead and no, I haven't forgotten about it, I just haven't had anything new to post, show and tell you guys here.  To try and remedy this a bit, I took some shots from my own herd of cats and dogs.  Nothing new, just the same old group, but if you are interested, check them out in the Photogallery section.