11 October 2018

I guess the picture already kinda tells enough ...  Yes, I have added the Kitty Care Ball Gown outfit to the Products page.  Going over my pictures, I've noticed that I haven't taken into details pictures yet of this outfit whilst one of the kitty cats is wearing it, but for now you can already take a peek at this particular outfit still in the package, unpacked but not put on and Barney enjoying the outfit.  Curious?  Good, please got then to the Products page, more specifically the Fashion / Outfits part and click open the Kitty Care Ball Gown article.

And whilst you are in the Products Fashion / Outfits section, feel free to also swing by the Kitty Care Peasant Blouse & Skirt outfit as I finally managed to track down a picture of this outfit still in the package and added that picture there.  Quick jump to the article: Kitty Care Peasant Blouse & Skirt