11 August 2017

I guess it helps to complain about not finding any new material to put up here on the site as voil√†, suddenly a few people put up Puppy Care dogs and Kitty Care cats for sale, even if for some it is only the head.  Sadly the cats and dogs were sold on Finnish sites and for some reason that is still beyond me, none of them mail back to you when you ask if they are willing to ship to Belgium, the cost of course paid by yours truly.  Perhaps people over there don't like to sell stuff overseas ...

Anyway the pictures were saved and have been added to the lists of known cats from Kitty Care and dogs from Puppy Care. 

To  check out the new added kitties, please visit Existing kitty cats from Kitty Care. You'll find new pictures for Bertie, Henry, Sophie, cat number 12 and kitty cat number 13

For the dogs, the pictures have been added here at Promotional Puppies against real brought out Puppies.  Anew the very adorable little puppy number 38 has made an appearance together with puppy number 14

Note that the newly added pictures are all from cats and dogs that don't belong to my own collection but are found on other people's sites.