Puppy Care Puppies - non adult dogs

For a long time these darlings only were rumours floating around.  But now thanks to Sabine we know that they truly exist as she owns two of these darlings in her Puppy Care and Kitty Care collection.  Whether there also exist kittens is unsure.  No rumours float around concerning these and so far all evidence is missing of Hornby at one time also having brought out kittens.  For now we only have thus the small puppies for Puppy care, but boy are they adorable! 

To be honest I do not know much about these young puppies.  I have no idea when Hornby released them nor do I know whether they came with extra accessories and a collar or not.  I suspect that they at least came with a comb, as they have combable hair, and also that they came with at least one ribbon for the hair on top of their head. 

What we do know is what we can observe ourselves.  First of all, they are smaller than the adult Puppies from Puppy Care.  If we compare their size to that of for instance an adult cat off Kitty Care or an adult dog of Puppy Care, then it is very obvious that the young puppie is smaller.  Even an adult puppy laying down is still bigger than the young puppy.


An adult cat from Kitty Care to a kitten from the Soma set reveals that the young puppies from Puppy Care are most probably around the same size as the kittens from the Soma toyline.


Secondly, all adult puppies from Puppy Care have spots somewhere on their body whilst the young puppies have a flawless - spotless thus - body.

          (no spots for both young puppies)

      (spots on the body of adult puppies)

Thirdly, whilst we have no certainty that they were sold with an accessorie to hold in their mouth, both young puppies have a hole in their mouth just as the adult puppies, meaning they too can hold an accessorie in their mouth.  It is however possible that these accessories will be something different from what came with the adult dogs.  But at the same it is also thus possible that the accessories in the end are the same ones as for the adult puppies.  For now we don't know ...

     (young puppies with a hole in the mouth)

         (adult versions with hole in the mouth)