Price / Value

Not sure if many people are actually interested in this little bit of information, but I am going to dedicate a small article to this after all.  The reason is that I also collect My Little Pony and at times I see people asking what appear to be outrages prices for their Ponies.  I do not claim that I am connoisseur.  I know some Ponies are harder to find than others which obviously raises their value.  But to go as far as asking more than 100 euro for a second hand Pony?  And then I am not even bringing up the Greek My Little Ponies who seem to be Holy Grails if you can believe their asking prices ...

I believe in a fair price.  These items aren't on the market anymore.  You can only get your hands now on them by buying them from other people.  And if the seller took very good care of her collection, then of course a higher price for each item is reasonable compared to getting a toy that has spots, missing parts and looks like it is in need off a very big dose of TLC.  However ... let us be and remain reasonable.  They are toys.  Not life saving medicines.  How do you justify selling a toy that cost 7,50 euro when you bought it in the eighties for a price of more than 50,00 euro?  I have some old advertisements of My Little Pony and it keeps shocking me how much people dare to ask.  Can the value of one Pony trully rise with more than 42,50 euro?  Perhaps we should all start investing in toys then.

That being said, let me return to the true reason for this article, namely the price of Kitty Care back in the eighties.  I will continue to fill in the list as I discover their respective prices.  The prices I list are the ones that were being used in Belgium and I converted them to our euro.   I base myself on either the price found in toy books or found on the original package of said item.

Original cat: 4,50 euro

Sweet Dreamer: 7,50 euro

Puppy Care adult dog: 4,50 euro 

Playset Kitty Care Cabin:

Outfit Kitty Care:

Outfit Puppy Care:  8,00 euro - 10,00 euro

Kitty Care accessories:

Puppy Care bowls and mat: 7,00 euro