Kitty Care Sweet Dreamers

At a certain time - no idea when though - Hornby released for each pose of the original cats, a Sweet Dreamer cat.  These cats are distinguished by their gorgeous eyes that can open and close.  They are defined as "Sleeping Eyes" by Hornby.  Long eyelashes frame the eyes.

I believe Hornby followed here the lead of My Little Pony.  In 1985 Hasbro released for its line My Little Pony Baby Ponies with Beddy-Bye Eyes.  Basically these Baby Ponies have eyes that can open and close and they have eye lashes.  The exact same concept as with the Sweet Dreamers from Hornby only the eyes here are called: "Sleepy Eyes"

The four cats that were released are: Sophie, Josie, Toby and Barney.

Promo shot:

Each cat came just as their predecessors with a little toy the cat can hold in its mouth, a small comb and three ribbons.


The toys exist out of:

- a mouse:

- a fish

- a rattle                        

and they came in three colors, namely red, yellow and blue.


The little combs were also released in these three colors: red, yellow and blue.  And the logo of Kitty Care is found back on each comb.


Picture of the package and the backcard:


Notice the difference in the logo.  For the Sweet Dreamers one of the cats has its eyes closed and is sleeping.  In the original logo, both cats have their eyes wide open:


                              Original logo                                                    Sweet Dreamers