Kitty Care Cabin

The playset for the kitties from Kitty Care is a cute little house named "Kitty Care Cabin".  The house has a pink tiled roof with a white bow on top.  The white bow can be pulled out and works as a lever to carry the playset around.  The double door upfront and the double door at the back can be set open and one part of the pink roof can be flipped open so you have a terrace.  The four windows in the doors have a frame and curtains in plastic on the inside.  Whilst the front doors have pink framed windows with purple curtains, the back doors have purple window frames and pink curtains.  Both sides of the house hold an open arc through which the kitties can easily walk outside even if the doors are kept closed.

With the set came, as far as I still know, three green fences.  One fence for the garden below and two to secure the terrace so your kitties won't fall off during their playtime.  A green thick mattress with black cat paws print gives your darlings something soft to play on.  The mattress can be put on the terrace or laid down on the floor inside the house.  Stickers in the form of butterflies, bees and flowers give the house a lovely countryside feel.  Various other stickers applied inside make the house feel more homy cause who doesn't love a nice and comfy sofa or a plaid looking cushion to nap on? 

Further more came with the playset also one Kitty Care brush and two toys for the kitties.  One outfit was also included with the set, namely the Peasant Blouse & Skirt.

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Pictures of the Kitty Care Cabin:


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